About - ArifEvents

Our mission is to ensure that no event explorer misses an event in Ethiopia or abroad.

ArifEvents is the Ethiopia's first dynamic event portal. We are using technology to change the way our attendees discover and experience events. We are in the process of developing a cutting edge mobile technology in order to re-invent how this industry conducts business. ArifEvents have it all events on a single freakishly amazing web platform!

ArifEvents is to help attendees discover the events happening around them. Hundreds of events happens in Ethiopia daily, but its difficult to find them out. We will help you to filter out easily..!!

We have created a smarter way to discover and share information regarding events. We have a wide base with 11 regions, thousands of attendees visits our site and hundreds event organizers who are already using our platform.

The events hosting industry has grown enormously in the past decade and many event organizers are taking advantage of the potential of event hosting in promoting their venues. We are the connecting bridge between users who are looking for events and event promoters who are in search of their audience. There’s always a bigger picture. All facets of event marketing needs to be understood and we cover the gamut.